What Are The Best POD Brands For New Players In 2022

Founded in 2010, Voopoo is an electronic cigarette brand under ICCPP and has been producing one of the most cost-effective pods in America, including the Drag series, Argus Series, V Series, and the Vinci Series. They have Voopoo pods, starter kits, mods, and pocket-sized devices. It has become one of the world’s leading producers of vape sold in the USA, Germany, France, and over 200 countries.

The latest addition to their Vinci Pod family is the Vinci Q pod – Voopoo’s flagship product. The Vinci Q pod kit has adopted VOOPOO’s ITO atomization technology and the latest mesh tech to give you solid flavor.


The Vinci Q pod is stylish, carefully designed, trendy, durable, and colorfast. Available in six macaron shade colors: Ceramic White, Seagull Grey, Crystal Blue, Charming Pink, Vibrant Orange, and Moss Green. With the ABS and PC combined, the Vinci Q pod has a multi-layer texture surface that is smooth and has a popular appearance that is wear resistant, oil-proof, dust-proof, fingerprint-proof, and resistant to liquid infiltration. It still maintains its appearance no matter how long you use it. Charging the device would not be difficult since it uses a USB type C charger which is available anywhere.

Aside from its trendy colors, it is also lightweight, weighing only approximately 30g – as compact and portable as a common lighter. The device has an LED indicator light that shows the battery’s health and device status. The light is on and off on each puff. If the battery is below 30%, the LED light on the button is red and flashing while charging. If it is already low on power, the red-light flashes 10 times. The indicator light is green if it is already fully charged.

On a safety note, the LED indicator lights also show if the device is puffed on a long drag, flashing the red light 8 times. It is easy to know if the device is not in a normal state. If the light is red for 5 seconds, the device is overheating and a pause on puffing is needed. There are also times that the device happens to have a short circuit due to a juice leak or faulty connections. When this happens, the LED light is red for 2 seconds. However, Voopoo pods are already upgraded the leakage-proof design of the cartridge.

Multi-function Button

The single button on the device is comfortable on the fingertip. This button allows you to choose between dual vaping modes to satisfy your preference. You can press the button to vape or directly vape on the automatic vaping mode. The button also serves as the device switch by pressing it 5 consecutive times to turn it on or off.

To prevent accidental pressing of the vaping button, its function will be locked after being idle for 5 minutes and may be reactivated by holding the button for 3 seconds.


The Vinci Q pod kit includes a new visible 2ml cartridge that has simplified juice refilling. Just remove the mouthpiece and lift the silicone tab to refill. There is no need to remove the cartridge itself from the device. For Voopoo pods, it is recommended not to fill the juice tank more than 2/3 to avoid spitting of the juice while vaping. It is also advisable to wait for 5 minutes for the e-juice to soak on the first use of the cartridge.

The VINCI Q POD is also compatible with the following cartridges: Vinci Pod Classic, Vinci Royal Edition, and Drag Nano 2.

Final Conclusions

This device kit is perfect for entry-level vaping since it is easy and simple to use. The device’s notifications are also seen through the LED indicator light which gives you protection and keeps the device in good condition in the long run. With the trendy appearance of this nice and amazing pod, it is good to use by young adults. It is very affordable at $14.99 considering the device specifications and the manufacturer. Having a built-in battery of 900mAh, this device can be used all day long and comes with 11 to 15 of adaptive power that ensures the intensity and taste of the vapor with the mouth to lung smoothness.