Fume Extra Disposable Vaporizer Review

The Extra is an amazing disposable vaporizer released by Fume. This is one of the most popular devices from this company. The Extra is s compact, easy to use, and ergonomic. It is ideal for people who are completely new to vaping. The Extra is designed to give you around 1500 puffs before you’ll need to dispose of it. While the Extra is not as powerful as the Ultra, it is still a top-rated device.


The Fume Extra disposable has a rounded shape with a rubberized finish. It is about the size of a chubby Cuban cigar so it is not very large. The device has a small but comfortable duck-bill mouthpiece. There are no buttons on the Extra. At the base area of the device, there is a blue LED light that flashes whenever you take a hit. 

The Fume Extra is comfortable to use. It vapes nicely. The round shape feels good in the hands. The device is not rechargeable or refillable. It comes pre-charged and pre-filled. You simply need to take it out of the package, remove the silicone stopper on the mouthpiece and start vaping. 

The Fume Extra is a great choice for people who are trying to switch from smoking cigarettes or trying to vape for the first time. 

Battery Capacity

The Fume Extra disposable has an 850mAh battery capacity, which isn’t bad considering its price. The battery lasts impressively long. The Extra is not rechargeable. So, once the battery runs out, you need to dispose of it. 

Pod & Flavors

The Fume Extra disposable comes with a pre-filled 6mL pod with 50mg of nicotine salts. The pod is not refillable. The Extra comes with an array of various flavors. And each device has a different color depending on the flavor that is pre-filled in it. 

The flavors you can choose from when shopping for the Fume Extra disposable include Banana Ice, Blue Razz, Bubblegum, Lush Ice, Grape, Mango, Cuban Tobacco, French Vanilla, Strawberry Banana, Rainbow Candy, Pineapple Ice, and Pina Colada to name a few. It is almost guaranteed that you’ll find something you love in the Fume Extra collection. 

The flavor you get from the Extra is quite impressive for such a small device. The team at Fume has mastered the art of creating low-wattage vaporizers that produce a rich flavor.


The performance of the Fume Extra lives up to expectations. The device vapes smoothly and is beginner-friendly. The idea of 1500 can last you a few days or an entire week depending on how frequently you vape. The Extra is one of those devices that is truly worth its price.


You can get the Fume Extra disposable vaporizer for only $4.95 at the Vape Central Group online store. This is a huge discount from its original price – around $15.95. You will find other Fume disposables at this store as well as devices from other top brands.