Have You Tried These Five Hotbox Disposable Vape 7500 Flavors?

The search for an outstanding disposable vape is over! The Hotbox vape 7500 is making waves as the go-to choice for vapers wanting a seamless and memorable vaping experience. This device’s main selling point is the wide range of authentic flavors crafted by expert mixologists. The device comes in 17 flavors that range from tobacco to clear, fruity, dessert, candy, and drink. In this piece, we shall explore five top flavors we think you should definitely try!

A highlight of the Hotbox disposable vape 7500 features

One of the device’s top features is the proprietary mesh coil design that offers pure, elevated flavors and unmatched cloud production. Hotbox designed the heating element to provide top-tier performance until the vape juice is depleted.

The rechargeable 700mAh battery supports the vape’s performance. It’s powerful enough to provide a full day or more of exceptional performance before requiring a recharge. When the battery runs low, you can plug a USB-C cable at the port located at the bottom. 

16ml of vape juice is quite an impressive capacity, and that’s what you can expect from this vape. Longevity-wise, it can sufficiently last up to 3 weeks for regular vapers and up to 2 months for casual vapers. The infused 5% nicotine strength provides a powerful punch without causing throat irritation, making it ideal for new and experienced vapers. 

Unlike many other disposables, the Hotbox disposable vape 7500 comes with a charging cable and a lanyard. This means you do not have to buy the USB-C cable separately, which saves you some bucks. The lanyard makes it easy to carry and retrieve the device when needed. 

Hotbox 7500 Flavors 

This Hot box vape provides an array of flavors designed to meet different vapers’ needs. The diversity ensures that there is always something for you, no matter your preferred taste. These flavors have been crafted using premium, safe ingredients, providing a wholesome, flavorful experience. The top 5 Hotbox flavors include;

Crisp menthol 

If you enjoy the cooling sensation of mint and menthol vapes, this is your ultimate pick. The flavor blends the refreshing sensation of mint on the inhale with the icy chills of menthol on the exhale. This is an all-day, everyday vape that will provide much more than a treat to the palate. 

Blue razz slushee

If your palate preference leans towards a blend of fruit and menthol, look no further than the blue razz slushie. This flavor treats the taste buds to delicious notes coupled with a refreshing menthol taste that lingers long after the session.

Strawberry rainbow snowcone

Vapers with a sweet tooth have a reason to be excited! The strawberry rainbow snowcone provides the perfect delicious treat that comprises a mellow and delicious experience.


For some vapers, the good old taste of tobacco keeps them hooked. This flavor perfectly mimics the taste of tobacco, offering nutty, sweet, and spicy notes. 


Not a lover of sweet, candy, and other vape flavors? The clear flavor is designed to meet the needs of vapers who enjoy zero flavors, except for some mild menthol during exhalation.