VOOPOO modern manufacturing capabilities, quality is trustworthy

VOOPOO stands out in availing high-quality mods and pods. If you want to get started in your vaping experience, you need to get the pods. They are made to allow you to enjoy the best performance. Several buyers who have tried the vapes are pleased. They come in sophisticated designs, but they are very effective in making you enjoy the best experience as you handle them. You can get high-quality pods to serve you in different areas. They are among the few pods you can buy, but they will ensure excellent performance. You will enjoy richer puffs each time. They have been made to meet the highest quality standards so that they can service your given puffing needs.

Modern manufacturing capability

VOOPOO produce over 30 million vape kits and more than 100 million coils every year. VOOPOO has implemented strict quality control from the source of the product to every detail of production. It is this precise and efficient quality management and innovation that ensures the high stability and leading level of VOOPOO product quality.

VOOPOO smart factory 

The VOOPOO smart factory covers an area of 60,000 square metres. Strictly implement on-site standardized production management that meets GMP requirements, ensure product safety and standard quality control system.Every product must pass strict quality inspection before it can leave our factory. The persistence of VOOPOO is reflected in every detail, from the design of each product to the packaging of every box. Quality is one of our core values at VOOPOO, and so strict quality control has always been one of our top priorities.

Modern production standards

Introduce modern automatic equipment, simplify assembly procedures, optimize production efficiency, improve product quality, and ensure production efficiency. Implement and apply MES intelligent management and control system to create a visual supply chain management service system.

Reliable International Certification

The number of users of electronic cigarettes is gradually increasing, and the certification mark conveys effective product quality information to consumers. VOOPOO’S Products have passed UL Certification, FCC Certification, CE Certification, ROHS Certification, EU TPD Certification, KC Certification and comply with international certification requirements to ensure the quality of products. Also VOOPOO has formally submitted PMTA and passed the second round of review.

Today’s VOOPOO is not only a giant electronic atomization company, but also a standard global company. It will also always be committed to bringing a better life experience to users around the world.