Top 4 Phix Pod And STLTH Pods

Phix and STLTH brands are taking the vaping scene by storm with revolutionary vape products. The pods, in particular, have become a staple for vape enthusiasts in Canada and Beyond. These two brands come up with new and mouthwatering flavors that keep vapers coming back for more. Each Phix replaceable pod comes with a 1.5ml e-liquid capacity, 1.5ohm coil, and offers 400 to 440 puffs of thick, flavorful clouds. The brand uses a proprietary blend of flavors that gives the pods an authentic taste. STLTH pods have a 2ml vape juice capacity, which supports upto 200 puffs, characterized by perfect throat hit, and excellent flavor production.

Phix and STLTH have produced over 30 flavors combined. As such, picking a top flavor that suits you may be a daunting task. This review looks at 4 of the popular flavors and what makes them favorites among vape enthusiasts.

STLTH Tobacco Mint Replacement Pods

This is definitely among the top tobacco-flavored pods on the market. The STLTH tobacco flavor draws you in with a smooth, authentic tobacco taste and leaves a minty flavor on the exhale. The blend of tobacco and mint is pure genius! This is an excellent choice for individuals who enjoy tobacco-flavored vapes. If you haven’t tried it, this is your cue to do so.

Phix Pods Cool Watermelon

If you are a vaper with a sweet tooth, you will appreciate the natural blend of sweet and fruity flavors that Phix pods cool watermelon provides. From the first puff, a sweet watermelon flavor remains prominent. As you exhale, you get a surprising cooling effect that provides all-day freshness. Try this flavor today and see if you won’t be back for more.

STLTH X Strawberry Orange Banana Replacement Pods

This classic straight from STLTH is most definitely the most flavorful pod from the brand – so you know you are in for a treat. Each puff provides a mouthwatering blend of strawberry, banana, and orange flavors that awaken every inch of the palate. The flavors complement each other to provide a sensational experience that will have you hoping for a revisit. Once you try this pod, it is definitely going to be among your top to-go flavors.

PHIX Pods Blue Raspberry

Phix has created a pod dedicated to berry lovers. The Phix pods blue raspberry has a dominating fruity flavor of blue raspberries with subtle hints of tanginess. The blend of sweet and sour notes makes this the perfect choice for vapers who do not enjoy overly sweet flavors. This is a best-selling flavor at Hazetown Vapes, and it is easy to understand why that is.


The flavors highlighted above are exciting in every sense of the word. Try them out and see if you will find your favorite flavor. Other flavors from Phix include Grape 4X, Mango 4X, Spearmint, Hard Strawberry, and Butterscotch 4X. STLTH also offers flavors like Double Mint, MOFO Raspberry, MOFO Double Rainbow, and Savage Tropic Breeze.

Where to buy Phix and STLTH replacement pods

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