Seahorse Pro Dab Pen By Lookah Review

Amid endless options in the dab pens industry, this seahorse pro device remains the most popular dab pen. It breeds convenience, ease of use, and durability as its most famed features. It has effortlessly beaten all other dab pens, providing vapers with unique experiences and long-lasting impressions.

This device is a high-performing dab pen made with a gorgeous design and limitless colorways to attract and keep vapers interested. Lookah has definitely outdone itself by producing this device which incorporates the most amazing features.

Lookah has earned a special place in the hearts of vapers for listening to them and creating customized devices. Below is a review of the top features that make this Seahorse Pro Dab Pen by Lookah one of the top-selling products in the Superstrain store.


Sturdy build material

The lifespan of a device is primarily determined by the building material along with the maintenance by the owner. This seahorse pro dab pen has an amazing build that ensures it is strong enough to last long under great maintenance.

650mAh battery

Despite this device being highly compact and portable, it manages to house an integrated battery of 650mAh capacity that is enough to support powerful hits. Additionally, the battery is rechargeable to ensure you enjoy your device to the last puff uninterrupted, even when the battery runs out of power. This alone is a feature that shows how much lookah has put effort into ensuring its devices are convenient to its customers.

Automated or manual mode

For starters, this dab pen alternates between automatic and manual modes, giving you the chance to choose the most appropriate mode for you. Usually, this option influences how effective the device becomes to the smoker, and most veterans prefer the manual mode. If you are inexperienced in dabbing, the automatic option fits you best.

Adjustable voltage

Most dab pens do not have the adjustable voltage option, meaning you can only enjoy your device in one voltage all through the puffs. However, this seahorse pro dab pen gives you the power to switch between different voltages ranging from 3.2V to 3.6V to 4.1V. With these options, you are sure to enjoy your device more and on different levels.

Ceramic second-generation core

To emphasize on durability, longevity, and ability to withstand high heat this device is made using second-generation ceramic. This material has the ability to withstand high heat and is protective against metal oxidation or rust. If you are looking for a durable dab pen, this seahorse pro is your best shot.

Fast heating

Seahorse pro dab pen is a fast heating device that saves you time and battery power by starting up faster compared to other devices. This time-saving feature doubles up as a convenience tool.


If you are on a search for a convenient device that saves you time and gives you a chance to choose your preferred mode along with voltage power, search no more. This seahorse pro dab pen is the ultimate device for a lifetime dabbing experience of the highest standard. It comes in different colors such as red, blue, black, grey, purple, orange, green, tie-dye, and camo. It is a must-have device in your collection.

Where to purchase the Seahorse pro dab pen

You can purchase the seahorse pro dab pen from the Superstrain online store for $39.99. This leading hemp-centered store aims to provide consumers with premium and safe products at the most affordable prices. Visit the site for multiple deals and discounts, including Free Shipping for domestic orders of $100 or more.