Nicotine Free Smokes Review: The TAAT Beyond Nicotine Formula

Despite the fact that cigarette use has declined dramatically over the last several decades, there are still 5.3 trillion cigarettes sold globally each year, which translates to 265 billion packs. E-cigarettes have been marketed as a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, vaping products do contain nicotine, which is highly addictive. 

Not only that, but e-cigarette use has been linked to a slew of side effects. With all of this in mind, the search for a suitable smoking alternative seemed far-fetched, at least until the TAAT arrived on the scene.

The TAAT allows the user to experience the authentic feel of a cigarette while avoiding Nicotine and Tobacco. Not only that, but it may be less expensive than both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes. It also does not expose the user to the negative side effects associated with cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

Without further ado, let’s delve a bit deeper into how you can also be smoking original nicotine free smokes.

Even e-cigarettes have not been able to fully replicate the smoking experience. Consider becoming addicted to a device that provides you with not only the smoke, but also the crackling sound when it burns, the smoky smell filling your nostrils, the taste of tobacco caressing your tongue, and the light ergonomic feel in your hand. This is exactly what users of the TAAT’s highly praised Beyond Nicotine formula should expect, according to the TAAT’s creators.

TAATs, as the manufacturer prefers to refer to them, are made of plant-based material derived from the Hemp plant. This can account for up to 90% of the TAAT mixture. Although it contains hemp, it cannot be called a hemp cigarette because the hemp is not processed or manufactured in the same manner as traditional hemp and CBD cigarettes.

Aside from the hemp component, the remainder of the TAAT mixture is split evenly between natural water and addition made entirely of food-grade ingredients. The TAAT experts infuse the hemp with a natural tobacco flavor as part of the creation process, so it actually tastes like tobacco.

Each TAAT cigarette contains up to 25% CBD and less than 0.2 percent THC. This means that they not only contain the legal amount of THC, but also that you will not experience any of the sedative effects normally associated with THC. To put it another way, don’t expect to get high from smoking TAAT cigarettes.

TAATS are available in a variety of flavor profiles that mimic the sensation of some of the tobacco cigarette brands you are already familiar with. They include Original, Menthol, and Smooth.

Here is an overview of the flavor options available:

  • Original: Every inhale of the original delivers a large, robust, and bold flavor. If you enjoy strong flavors such as Marlboro Red, Winston, and American Spirit Blue, this original TAAT version is a worthy companion.
  • Menthol: One of their most popular flavors is the menthol version. This is not surprising given that menthol is a popular flavor. It provides a refreshing hit of minty freshness comparable to Newport, Marlboro Menthol, and Kool cigarettes.
  • Smooth: The smooth version has a rich, deep, and velvety flavor that is lighter in flavor. If you like Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Yellow, or Pall Mall Blue, you’ll enjoy smoking this TAAT flavor.

TAATs are sold in packs of 20 cigarettes, just like regular cigarettes. It’s even packaged in a classic flip-top box. The TAAT logo, manufacturer details, flavor, and all other information about the TAAT cigarettes can be found on the pack of the box. They are approximately 50% less expensive than some of the well-known cigarette brands. A pack is available for $6.99 on