Mixed Berries Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt Review

Nic salt eliquid is the latest trend in vaping industry. Naturally found in tobacco leaves, it is a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Nic salt eliquid contains higher concentrations of nicotine and it can curb your nicotine cravings for a longer period. Usually, those heavy smokers who switched to vaping have higher nicotine cravings. Nic salt vape juices are recommended for this category of people as they can suppress your cravings in a few puffs. It is also good for those trying to reduce the vaping frequency. Nic salt eliquid gets absorbed into your bloodstream quickly as it has higher bioavailability. Benzoic acid in the nic salt eliquids balance the pH level to deliver a smooth throat hit.

Nic salt eliquids are considered the best way to deliver nicotine to your body. It delivers a more satisfying experience than regular freebase e-liquids. There are a wide variety of nic salt formulations available on the market. The number of flavor options increased because of the increase in its popularity. Most popular brands already recreated their famous flavors to nic salt formulations. Mixed Berries Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt is one of the fast-moving nic salt eliquid on the market now. It is a perfect fusion of both red and blueberries. This fruity blend tastes like a real thing and you will never feel any chemical taste during vaping.

Manufactured in the UK by Pod Salt, Mixed Berries Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt is created using the best available ingredients. It is manufactured under the supervision of experts in Pod Salt to ensure that it delivers an excellent vaping experience. Pod Salt is one of the well-known vape juice manufactures in the UK creating a wide range of delicious and refreshing flavors. All their flavors on the market deliver a mind-blowing vaping experience. Pod Salt vape juices are 100% TPD compliant. As per the TPD regulation, vape juices can not be sold in bottles bigger than 10ml and the maximum allowed nicotine concentration is 20mg.

Mixed Berries Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt delivers the taste of red and blueberries on inhale. The deliciousness of this juice makes your taste buds crave more. You will experience the same taste on exhale too. The delightful aftertaste it leaves will stay for a long time. This vape juice contains 50 percent VG and 50 percent PG that is good enough for a balanced flavor and cloud production. It comes in 11mg and 20mg nicotine concentrations. You can choose your preferred level of nicotine according to your cravings. These vape juices come in a nice package that is labeled with the usual product information. Bottles are equipped with dropper tips and tamper-evident caps. It is available for sale in Vape Green for a cheap price of £3.99 per 10ml bottle. Vape Green is one of the best online stores in the UK for all your vaping needs. They have a large collection of premium quality vape juices, pods, mods, coils, batteries, and many more vaping accessories to choose from.