Menthol Icy Mint E-Liquid by Nasty Salt Review

Menthol Icy Mint is a salt e-liquid by Nasty Salt. It has a cold menthol and mint feel with undertones of sweetness, leaving you inhaling pleasant clouds of vapor while reducing your body temperature. Instead of freebase nicotine, the eliquid taste is complemented with a unique nicotine salt mix. This implies that even if you love powerful nicotine hits, you may enjoy this eliquid taste.

About The Manufacturer

This Menthol Icy Mint E-Liquid is provided to you by Nasty Juice, one of the most famous vape juice producers on the market. Nasty Juice is a Malaysian eliquid brand that has become a vaping favorite due to its unique and fruit juice scented e liquids. The firm originally appeared in 2015, and it joined the UK market in 2016. Since then, they have grown in popularity, winning several accolades and gaining the respect of vapers worldwide.

They make it a point to put the client first in all they do, and as a consequence, all of their e liquids are evaluated by a trustworthy independent evaluation firm to guarantee that they are vaping certified.

The Nasty Salt range includes the same well-known eliquid tastes as the original Nasty Juice lineup, but with an interesting salt nicotine mix that will satisfy your cravings in no time.

Flavor Description

Straight out of the package, you can notice the chilly sell of the Menthol Icy Mint E-Liquid composition. When you inhale, a chilly rush of menthol air makes its way all the way down to the back of your throat. Layers of mint intertwined in that taste lead you all the way through to the exhale, producing a frosty combination that any ice lover would want to get their hands on.

If you take this after a hectic day, the menthol mint combination will definitely awaken your senses and leave you feeling soothed.

Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol Ratio

Nasty Salt Menthol Icy Mint E-Liquid is made with a typical 50/50 blend of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) (PG). This is the same ratio used in all of the Nasty Salt eliquids. It is great for generating rich taste while producing less cloud. Its low cloud generation makes it an ideal companion for covert vaping sessions. The PG ratio also plays an important role in ensuring that your drags are rewarded with smooth throat impacts.

The 50/50 ratio is ideal for pod systems and beginning kits, thus this ejuice is ideal for total novices or vapers who like to keep things simple.

Nicotine Concentrations

Nasty Salt e liquids employ nicotine salts to deliver a stronger nicotine hit than conventional freebase eliquids. It is not only potent, but it also provides a smoother vaping experience and quicker absorption. They all have various nicotine levels, allowing vapers who want a powerful nicotine dose to pick how strong a hit they want to vape. In the case of the Menthol Icy Mint E-Liquid, you have the option of choosing between 10mg and 20mg nicotine levels. It will not burn your throat, but it will fulfill your needs more quickly.

It is worth noting that the greater nicotine dose makes the eliquid ideal for open pod systems and mouth-to-lung vaping, bringing you even closer to the sensation of smoking an actual cigarette.

Pricing and Availability

Nasty Salt Menthol Icy Mint E-Liquid comes in a 10ml TPD compliant container, making it entirely compliant throughout Europe. The bottle has a child-resistant top and a tamper-evident seal. It is available for £3.99 through Vape Green. Vape Green also provides free UK shipping on all purchases over £20, as well as same-day shipping if you buy before 3 PM.