Here’s What You Need for Your DIY E-Liquid

The vape industry is diverse, and it grows every day. As a result, there are unarguable differences that come up from time to time, between manufacturers and even vapers. There are basically only four ingredients used in making vape juice. If you will be making your own vape juice, it means you will not have too much to work with. Here are the ingredients; Vegetable Glycerin (VG): Vegetable glycerin is one of the ingredients that form the base of an e-juice mixture. If you take a look at your e-juice bottle, you will see that this ingredient is expressed in percentage. Vegetable glycerin is a viscous liquid with a slightly sweet taste. It is even possible to vape just VG. The higher the concentration of VG in an e-juice will determine if that e-juice will be ideal for sub-ohm vaping. Propylene Glycol (PG): Propylene glycol is the second ingredient together with VG that make up the base of an e-juice. It is not as viscous as VG so it carries the flavoring a lot more. PG is federally approved as safe for consumption. Although, PG is not used in high concentrations because a lot of people find that they are allergic to it. Natural and Artificial Flavoring: This is the most interesting part of an e-juice. After all, it is what makes vaping all the more compensating, especially for former smokers. There are a variety of flavors available for consumption, and an array of flavors you can even mix and match to create entirely splendid vape experience. There are many enticing e-liquid flavor concentrates that you can add to your DIY e-liquid blend. Nicotine: Nicotine is the last ingredient in vape juice, although not insignificant. The major consumers of nicotine in e-juice are transitioning smokers who still need the nicotine hit while they vape. Nicotine is a toxic chemical so it is not used in high percentages. Although, you can leave this ingredient out of an e-liquid mixture and still have a great tasting vape juice. After all, many manufacturers make their e-liquid flavors in varying nicotine concentrations ranging down to 0mg. If you are looking to buy high-grade e-juice flavor concentrates for your DIY experiments, check out the Flavorah online store.